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It’s an initiative that gives back to many pets that for the moment aren’t lucky enough to have a home or pet parent.


For every MfM bag of food you purchase, a bowl of food is donated to a rescue or foster group in need.


For every MfM food range you the customer purchases at any online or retail pet store, a bowl of food is donated to a rescue or foster group in need in Australia.


MfM Australia have decided to start a movement to help dogs and cats in rescue or foster groups by delivering nutritionally well balanced all-natural food to those who need it most across Australia. 


MfM Australia is a manufacturer of super premium hypoallergenic all-natural holistic pet food. We want to make a difference! 


MfM’s mission is to help feed rescue and foster dogs/cats with a well balanced all-natural nutritional diet, we are confident we will achieve this with your help. 


For the past 4 years MfM has extended its efforts to help rescue and foster groups in Australia, this is where you the customer can now help. For every MfM food range product sold, MfM donates a bowl of food to a rescue or foster group across Australia.


Donating a bowl of food with every MfM food range sold is a critical step in MfM's mission to help rescue and foster groups feed a well balanced nutritional diet to pets in their care. 


Your purchase of MfM's food range plays a pivotal role in the success of our bag for bowl initiative.


Every time you purchase a product of MfM's food range, you are helping provide a bowl of MfM food for a dog/cat in need. 


Are you going to join MfM’s movement to help rescue and foster groups?




Team MfM Australia.


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