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Bindi is one of many dogs we are currently helping, but she is also one of the more severe cases we have come across.

Her owner wanted us to share his story to help other owners in a similar situation.

Bindi went through a 6 month ordeal of vet visits. Her diet was changed up to a dozen times from vet prescribed food to pet shop super premium food as well as cortisone and steroid injections, and to top it off hormone tablets. Her situation just got worse. Until her owner came across a MfM brochure and contacted us to see if we could help.

Now after 6 weeks on a MfM diet, Bindi is coming along beautifully and has a new lease of life…



                                Arrayah's Story

Arrayahjpg4.jpg - smallArrayahjpg3.jpg - small

Arrayahjpg2.jpg - smallArrayah.jpg - small

We would like to thank Jessica for sharing another successful MfM story with us and we would like to share it with you. 
Arrayah was rescued by the amazing team at Animal Rescue QLD Mackay in the condition seen in the first 3 images, she had severe mange and secondary skin infection. The last image is Arrayah today she's such a beautiful girl :)
We are proud of what we as an Australian company can manufacture and formulate, MfM is truly hypoallergenic and only use all natural & organic ingredients, our best interest is the wellbeing of your pets and the proof is in the results.
Team MfM Australia 

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