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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes MfM's Formulas Unique?

  • Australian made & Owned
  • The science behind our diets, plus the quality ingredients that make our formulas unique
  • Hypoallergenic
  • High Bio Availability, such as organic Chelated Minerals & Whole Foods
  • 2 Sources of proteins, meat or fish which offers a greater balance in the Amino Acids, essential to the health & wellbeing of any animal
  • Packed with Prebiotics
  • Grain Free
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO free
  • No Fillers
  • No Soy extracts
  • No Beef *with the exception of our all-natural carnivore beef
  • No Chicken *with the exception of our "grain-free" puppy & whelping
  • No Growth Hormone's
  • No Chemical Preservatives
  • No Beet pulp
  • No Tomato Pomice
  • No Bran
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Artificial Additives
  • No Colours or Flavours
  • Best sources of DHA brain building foods for smarter canines (Salmon & Fish oil)
  • Natural Ingredients allow for smaller feeding portions, for less clean-up



Why Is MfM Different To Other Brands?


The MfM team is on a quest to make the healthiest pet food in Australia. That's why we invest heavily in research, science and food testing to remain on the cutting edge of nutritional knowledge and animal health. We believe that innovative product development can truly enhance your pet's well-being, which is why we conduct all product formulation work in-house. By owning our own formulations (intellectual properties) we lead the way in innovation.




Where Is MfM Made?

MfM is made in Australia with wholesome natural food ingredients sourced solely from Australian producers. We create and develop our own recipes with our own in-house nutritionists and have strict procedures in place to make sure that our ingredients meet the highest quality standards.



MfM specialising in nutrient dense food!

The term nutrient density has several meanings.



Most commonly, nutrient density is defined as a ratio of nutrient content to the total energy content. Nutrient-dense food is opposite to energy-dense food (also called "empty calorie" food). According to the Dietary Guidelines, nutrient-dense foods are those foods that provide substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals and relatively few calories. Meat and vegetables are the nutrient-dense foods, while products containing added sugars and processed cereals are not.



Second, nutrient density is defined as a ratio of food energy from carbohydrate, protein or fat to the total food energy. To calculate nutrient density (in percent), divide the food energy (in calories or joules) from one particular nutrient by the total food energy in the given food.



Third, nutrient density is understood as the ratio of the nutrient composition of a given food to the nutrient requirements of your pet’s body. Therefore, a nutrient-dense food is the food that delivers a complete nutritional package.



Eating nutrient-dense food will ensure your pet’s are getting the nutrients and won't leave them feeling hungry later. Choosing MfM nutrient dense foods can become beneficial for your pets. Just remember that the foods you feed your pet can affect their health in a big way. To be healthy or unhealthy? The choice is yours.


Better nutrient absorption from highly digestible ingredients supports better health for pets.



Highly processed foods like Corn Gluten meal, Derivatives of by-products, Sugar Beet pulp and poor quality protein sources offer very little in the way of nutrition and may in fact contribute to ill health.


Why a Balanced Diet:

Pets require a diet that regularly includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water for proper nutrition. Of equal importance is the balance of these nutrients in the diet, ensuring the dog/cat receives these ingredients in correct proportions.


Otherwise the following occurs:

  • Excesses – Too much-Protein, fat, salt and sugar.
  • Protein – Excess is converted by the body to nitrogen waste which is excreted in the urine – however if the kidneys are doing this on a daily basis, year in, year out – potential for kidney problems.
  • Fat -Very sweet – and increases palatability but excess tend to create warm and very damp conditions in the body. Clogs up and slows the digestive system.
  • Salt – increases palatability however it is very alkaline forming in the body but excessive use of it is dangerous.


Excessive use leads to calcium depletion, which in turn damages the heart, arteries, nerves, bones, kidneys and muscles.



Why Do MfM use meat or Fish as the First Two Ingredients And Why Is It So Important?

MfM food starts with real meat or fish first because dogs/cats require animal protein. The first ingredient in any pet food is important because there is more of that ingredient than any other. MfM is backed up with meat or fish as the second ingredient to ensure that your pet gets the animal protein they crave and deserve.



Why Does MfM Use Foil Packaging?

We use foil packaging so your pet receives fresh food at every meal. Unlike plastic packaging, foil packaging has a zero oxygen transfer rate, and by excluding the oxygen we stop any deterioration (oxidation) of the food. Foil=Freshness



Why Does The Quality Of Food Make A Difference In My Pet's Health?

Food is the body's fuel, and life does not exist without it. Your pet's health, behaviour, temperament, longevity, ability to reproduce successfully and to recover depends greatly upon properly administered and sustained nutrition.



Benefits Of Holistic Food? 

  •  Focuses on brining harmony to your pet's overall health
  •  Concentrates on your pet's overall physical, mental and emotional health, instead of focusing on individual systems
  • Keeps your pet's body and mind balanced to allow for increased maximum potential for function and happiness
  • Targets the whole body in the belief that all systems are connected and that imbalance can cause a range of problems throughout the body's system



  Benefits Of Natural Food?

  • Has all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals your pets need

  • Has a high digestibility with a good taste

  • Promotes overall health and wellness

  • Undergoes no chemical processing and contains no additives, preservatives, by-products, artificial colours or flavours

  • Is mostly free of allergens that can cause an upset stomach, skin irritations, and irritable bowels

  • Contains essential amino acids, proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, quality carbohydrates and antioxidants to promote healthy skin and coat, strong teeth, muscles and joints 



What About 'Super Foods' And Selecting Food Ingredients? 

Obviously, our furry friends need differing ingredients to ourselves, and this is the first distinguishing factor with MfM formulations. All MfM foods are formulated from ingredients that are natural to the species being fed. Just because a particular ingredient is seen as being beneficial in human nutrition, doesn’t mean it is beneficial to our pets. Unfortunately, the pet industry marketers have made a great play out of manipulating our emotions and beliefs to accept human “super foods” as being of superior benefit to our pets. Unfortunately, this concept is a fallacy.



What Is The Correct Way To Formulate A Super Premium Pet Food?  

Essential nutrients are consumed in the body in specific proportions to one another and in ratio to the expenditure of energy. And this is the key to all MfM diets; each one contains the essential nutrients in the correct ratios to each other and proportional to the energy content of the food. So MfM formulations are not put together by ingredients per se, but are put together by nutrient profile drawn from the appropriate raw ingredients. Your MfM nutrient profiles are the result of 40 years of intensive research into the science of nutrient balance for dogs and cats.



So How Does This Help My Pet?

Matching the nutrient profile to the animal has many wonderful benefits:


1)      Reduces nutritional stress – nutritional stress is one of the largest stressors in our pet’s life. Having nutrients in the correct proportions allows a much easier nutrient path within the body and eliminates much of the work by the animal in sorting out these nutrients.


2)      Improves digestive efficiency – having the correct amounts of the correct nutrients means more of the food is used in the body and less is eliminated as waste. This means less food for you to buy, and less waste for you to pick up and dispose.


3)      Promotes well-being – we’ve all eaten the wrong foods at some stage in our life, and have all suffered accordingly. Having the correct nutrients in the correct proportions eliminates those sluggish, tired feelings, and this allows our pets to enjoy a higher quality of life.


4)      Aids longevity – stress is a killer, and the same holds true for our pets. Reduce nutritional stress and you live longer; it’s as simple as that!


5)      Promotes good health – as science continues its relentless quest for understanding, it is becoming more and more obvious that we are what we eat. In human nutrition it is now widely recognised that poor nutrition is a precursor to many insidious and often fatal diseases. The same holds true for our pets, which is why we at MfM pursue the science of nutrition with such vigour.




Is MfM 100% Completely Balanced?

MfM has been formulated to exceed any standards set by AAFCO nutrient profiles.



Why Don’t MfM Use Chicken Or Beef In Any Of There Fomulations?

We believe chicken may cause allergies to most pets and beef is known to cause inflammation.


*Although we cater for most dogs & cats with our uniquely formulated food and treats, we also offer formulations for those pets that can tolerate beef and chicken , why should they miss out on the MfM benefits. So we have developed our all-natural carnivore beef and the "grain-free" puppy & whelping food.



Here Is Why MfM Do Not Use Tomato Pomice?

  • Tomato pomice -The skin,seeds and some pulp of the tomato after juice, sauce and peeled tomato production has occurred. It contains good levels of fat (which needs preservatives to stop rancidity), lycopene (an anti-oxidant), and soluble fibre to aid digestion. However, the fat must be preserved when the pomice is dried, and that preservative is never listed on the pet food label. The lycopene does have an anti-oxidant effect, but has no vitamin effect (vitamin K) as often claimed. The soluble fibre is very good, but there are many other ingredients that contribute a far wider and more concentrated supply of essential nutrients than this by-product, and the skin of the tomato is that part that has the highest concentration of residual chemicals and pesticides. 


Here Is Why MfM Do Not Use Beet Pulp? 

  • Beet pulp The left over portion of sugar beet once the sugar has been extracted. Beet pulp is an excellent source of insoluble fibre and helps to regulate the colon and create firm stools. However, some claim it promotes coat staining (particularly in white breeds), bloat and intestinal constriction. As with tomato pomice, having to use a refined by-product suggests naturally balanced nutrient sources are not included in the food.



My Dog Has Dry Itchy Skin. He Occasionally Gets Rashes, Or Hot Spots.

This is the single most common question we get! We recommend you try our kangaroo & lamb or salmon and sardine all-natural and organic holistic formulas.


We believe many skin problems can be avoided with a natural diet. Some dogs react negatively to ingredients commonly found in commercial pet foods such as wheat, corn, soy, by-products, chicken, beef, beet pulp, tomato pomice, artificial preservatives, colourings or other additives. So you can rest assured that you will not find those ingredients in MfM formulations.



My Dog Has Strong/Bad Breath?

We believe that good breath starts with excellent digestive health. By choosing MfM you are using the highest quality ingredients and the prebiotics in our food will help restore the balance of "good" and "bad" bacteria.



My Dog Is Overweight?

MfM can be used successfully in a weight loss program. *Refer to our turkey and lamb lite.



Is MfM suitable for all dogs?

Absolutely! from teacup size up to and including large and giant breeds, as all our formulations contain the complete range of balanced essential nutrients, ten are essential amino acids from which metabolites such as l-Carnatine are derived. If l-Carnatine needs to be added to the food for large and giant breeds, it simply means there are insufficient essential amino acids present in the diet.




Why Does Your Dog Formulation Contain Garlic?

Garlic has been used for many years for its anti-oxidant properties. It is very common that herbs or natural treatments are beneficial. Garlic is a safe ingredient when used in small amounts.



Food Concerns

  • Many pet owners have a number of legitimate concerns (sometimes fears!) concerning certain foods, for which they need answers before feeding their pets MfM.
  • Although pet owners realise that MfM is the Gold Standard in holistic pet care & nutrition, these concerns require to be addressed.
  • These fears and concerns mostly involve the idea that garlic is somehow dangerous to their pet’s health and wellbeing.  
  • We will address such fears and concerns, and we understand that pet owners need valid information in order to make that important decision to switch their pets to MfM.



Do MfM Offer A Breeder's Program?

Yes we do, Please contact us for more info.




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