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The Best Puppy And Dog Treats For Your Furry Best Friend

Date: 07-03-2022

From training your energetic puppy to rewarding your well-behaved adult dog, dog treats are indispensable for all dog owners. Those dog training treats in your hand are an irresistible nugget of deliciousness that will make you, albeit shortly, the centre of your pooch’s attention. But with great power comes great responsibility. Are you feeding your puppy the best dog treats for its wellbeing? Or are you establishing poor habits that are detrimental to their health?

These questions and more will be answered in this blog. We’ll start by looking at the types and functions of dog treats and then cover what to look out for when shopping for treats for puppies and dogs. Read on to learn everything there is to know about choosing the best dog treats in Australia for your furry best friend.

Types of dog treats

If you are a proud new fur parent, you might not yet be across the vast and varied world of dog treats. While there are almost endless products on the market, you can make sense of them by looking at treats for puppies and dogs according to their function. The three main categories are:

The best treats for puppy training and rewards

The best puppy training treats are those that both you, as the buyer and trainer, and your furry best friend, as the enthusiastic trainee, will love. To help you choose which ones to buy, keep these factors in mind:

While many dog owners use regular kibble as a training reward, most puppies will not respond as strongly to it. In addition, since kibble is designed to be a complete source of nutrition for dogs, it is not recommended to be given during training as you can easily overfeed your dog.

The best occupying treats for puppies and dogs

When looking for the best treats for puppies and dogs to keep them busy for a long time, there are a few key points that can help you make your choice:

If your dog devours the new occupying treat you have just given them, don’t worry about it but try and avoid that from happening again. Eating these treats too quickly could put them at risk of choking and experiencing bloating. To make the occupying treat last longer, try giving it to them one hour after mealtime, when they are still full, or hold or secure it in place so only one end can be chewed at a time. You could also try to make a game of hide and seek out of it.

The best dental dog treats

Dental health is one of the main health problems for dogs, with four out of five dogs in Australia suffering from a dental illness by the time they are three. As the responsible fur parent you are, feeding your dog dental treats is a great way to combat this issue. When looking for the best dental dog treats in Australia, consider these points:

While dental treats are great for aiding in preventing oral diseases, brushing their teeth is still important.

Choose natural and grain-free organic dog treats

If you are committed to giving your dog the best treats possible, you should be looking for treats for puppies and dogs labelled as natural, organic, high in proteins, grain-free, and GMO-free. While treats are only meant to be snacks and not a substitute for a complete and balanced diet, you need to include them when you’re looking at the amount and type of food you feed your dog. The best treats for puppies and dogs are those that are rich in prebiotics and probiotics, healthy fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals that support their healthy growth.

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