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Mix up the menu to help your dog stay healthy!

Date: 01-07-2019

How would you like to sit down to the same meal EVERY day? Not much? Well, just as two-legged folks enjoy variety in our daily meals, so too do our four-legged friends! Keeping things interesting at dinnertime means we don’t get bored and the same goes for your bestie!

Of course, what humans need to stay healthy and what dogs need is vastly different (and thank goodness for that!). But good nutrition for all of us, furry or otherwise, boils down to quality doses of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats and oils!

And that’s where the idea of Single Meat Protein meals for your dog is so clever. By rotating through the four MfM varieties (Chicken, Kangaroo, Lamb and Goat) week on week, your dog is going to get a truckload of nutrients specific to each protein source.

That means if it’s ‘chicken week’, then your dog is getting the lean protein they need to help keep their blood sugar stable and weight under control. Come ‘lamb week’ your dog is loading up on vitamin B for mood-boosting fun times (park anyone?). Likewise the Single Meat Protein Goat meal supports heart health with phosphorus and minerals while the Single Meat Protein Kangaroo meal provides your pooch with high levels of zinc and iron!

And because MfM are serious about keeping your dog in tiptop condition, we’ve also included pre and probiotics in all our Single Meat Protein Meals! This is to ensure your dog’s digestion is the best it can be (and they may even help keep your dog’s whiffy end under control!)

Is your pet bored of the same variety of food day in and day out?

The best way to maintain a higher level of excitement is through a rotational diet of single meat protein varieties.

This is why we have developed a new range of grain free diets with similar protein and fat profiles for easy rotation.