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Is your pet bored of the same variety of food day in and day out?

Date: 10-07-2020

How would you like to sit down to the same meal EVERY day? Not much? Well, just as we enjoy variety in our daily meals, so too do our beloved pets!

By rotating through the MfM Single Meat Protein varieties (Lamb, Kangaroo, Chicken and Goat) month on month, your pet is going to get a truckload of nutrients specific to each protein source.

That means if it’s ‘Chicken month’, then your pet is getting the lean protein they need to help keep their blood sugar stable and weight under control. Come ‘Lamb month’ your pet is loading up on vitamin B for mood-boosting fun times (park anyone?). As well as Goat month supports heart health with phosphorus and minerals while Kangaroo month provides high levels of zinc and iron!



Feeding the same protein for extended periods of time can promote food sensitivities, which can lead to a plethora of problems including itchiness, dry skin or upset stomachs. Many pet experts suggest that the reason why there are so many sensitivities is because early adaptations of dog food used the same protein for years.

By changing the different types of proteins in your pet’s diet with a systematic approach you can actually help improve your pet’s overall health. Different proteins can offer different amino acid profiles. Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and varying amino acid profiles (varying high quality proteins) can decrease the chance for long term diet inadequacies that may result from feeding the same diet all the time.

Some health problems in pets stem from long-term dehydration, which can be avoided by rotating in high moisture content products like canned or raw based diets. Water intake may not be adequate in some of our pets for various reasons. By adding in higher moisture type foods, we can help mitigate some of these problems and also give pets variety.

By varying diet through rotation we can help promote digestive health. A pet’s GI tract health has a lot to do with the good bacteria needed to aid in our pets’ digestion. When we feed one diet continuously we can limit the beneficial micro-organisms.

Pets generally love the variety of proteins and food types in their diet. With rotation feeding, pets can enjoy the freshness in their ever-changing diet, which will decrease the chances of them becoming picky.

Each protein has its own power

Kangaroo Meat


Chicken Meat


Goat Meat


Lamb Meat

Is your pet bored of the same variety of food day in and day out?

The best way to maintain a higher level of excitement is through a rotational diet of single meat protein varieties

This is why we have developed a new range of grain free diets with similar protein and fat profiles for easy rotation