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A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Food For Your Puppy

Date: 28-12-2021

There are various factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best puppy food for your four-legged friend. Before you run to the grocery store and purchase the first bag of kibble you can find, our handy guide will ensure you know what to feed a puppy and what’s the best puppy food to buy for healthy growth and development.

What are the most important nutrients for my puppy?

During the early years of a puppy’s life, they grow at a rapid rate. That’s why your furry friend needs a special formula that’s rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Nutrient-dense puppy food contains high levels of docosahexaenoic acid (commonly known as DHA), which is an omega-3 fatty acid. Puppies with high levels of DHA in their diet always benefit from enhanced muscle, brain and vision development. There’s also research that suggests DHA-rich diets mean smarter, more trainable puppies.

What to feed a puppy, and what type of dog food is best for puppies?

To support their growing bodies and immune system, it’s best to give your pooch meals that are complete and balanced and packed with nutritional value. If you’re unsure what is the best dog food for puppies, the below guide should point you in the right direction. Then you can make informed and educated decisions to best support the newest addition to your family.

You should feed your puppy a diet that is:

Top tip: Avoid feeding your puppy leftover human food — it can upset their stomach, cause cramps, or encourage fussy eating.

Foods to avoid feeding your four-legged friend

When it comes to feeding your furry companion, there are a host of common household foods you should avoid. These include:

How much and how often should you feed your pooch?

During their rapid growth stage, puppies eat almost the same amount of food as fully-grown adult dogs. But because they burn energy faster, you’ll need to feed your puppy several times throughout the day in small portions. Experts suggest three to four meals a day. Once you have created a feeding routine, it is important to follow it carefully. This will help with training your pooch, reduce begging and make them less fussy when it comes to eating their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You should regularly check your puppy’s weight and activity levels to ensure they’re gaining a healthy balance between weight maintenance and growth. For a larger breed, you have more leeway to play about with the amounts you feed them each meal.

How to choose the best puppy food

Now that you know what to feed a puppy, it’s time to discuss what the best puppy food is to buy. MfM Australia’s puppy dry food range is packed with all the necessary nutrients your pup needs for healthy growth and development. Rich in amino acids and fatty acids, our kibble will provide your puppy with energy, improved immunity and easy digestion. Our dry puppy food includes salmon, turkey, green veggies, brown rice and other nutrient-dense foods like eggs, coconut oil and kelp. We steer clear of filler ingredients found in other kibbles to deliver a holistic, wholesome and nourishing food to fuel your pup’s busy day.

If you find early on that your furry friend has allergies, we also offer hypoallergenic dog food that will effectively reduce and alleviate your puppy’s symptoms while ensuring they’re consuming all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals they need for optimal health. Free from chemicals, additives, artificial flavours and preservatives, our holistic, grain and gluten-free puppy food will no doubt become the food your puppy can’t get enough of!

Browse our range of food online today, and if you’d like to learn more about what makes our super premium formulas so unique, feel free to check out our FAQs page or email us at enquiries@mfmaustralia.com.au.