Does your dog need to drop a dress size?

Date: 26-08-2019

Did you know that 50% of Aussie dogs are obese? That’s right, in a country with an estimated 4.8 million pet dogs, that means a massive 2.4 million of them are waddling (rather than walking) to the park!

And while many people are well aware of the obesity crisis facing human Australians, few know that our canine friends are following in our heavy footsteps. That may be because we don’t realise what obesity looks like in our furry friends or what to feed them to keep them trim and terrific.

While human obesity is pretty obvious, the kilo creep that sneaks up on our dogs may be harder for us to see – especially if they’re fluffy! And we may also wish to ignore the signs because ‘treating’ our dogs is one of the joys of pet ownership. Who doesn’t want to sneak a snack from the dinner table into a grateful mouth? Or fill your pets bowl with a scrumptious second or third helping after a busy day?

But the impact of overfeeding your dog may shorten the lifespan of your bestie or consign them to an old age full of aches and pains. Hip, joint and back problems are typically the result of too much weight being carried, not to mention cardiovascular issues. Overweight dogs can also be reluctant to exercise the older they get, compounding their problems.

So, how do you know if your darling dog is piling on the pounds or just ‘big boned’? Well, an obesity test takes seconds – simply see if you can feel your dog’s ribs through the fur on their back. If your fingertips are met with a squishy rather than boney feeling, chances are your bestie is kinda on the chunky side. You should also be able to see a ‘waist’, where your dog’s body tapers in beneath the rib cage. A trip to the vet will confirm your diagnosis and help you to plan a manageable weight-loss program.

Once you’ve got that sorted, keep your dog’s weight under control with quality dog food that supports your pet’s weight-loss and ensures they are nutritionally supported. MfM’s Turkey and Lamb ‘Lite’ dog food is designed to keep your dog’s weight in the healthy range. Made of all-natural, preservative-free ingredients, MfM’s diets are ideal for ensuring a happy (and slender) future for your pet!