Meals for Mutts proudly brings you the very best premium, Australian made puppy, dog and cat food on the market.

Our passion and commitment to develop and produce nutrient dense and balanced pet food stems from our belief that nutrition is not only a vital part of your pet’s physical health but also plays a huge part in their overall wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

This wonderfully balanced holistic food is manufactured to exacting ethical standards of quality, performance, economy and safety using only the finest natural ingredients.
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Grain Free Kitten Dry Food

If your kitten is suffering from health issues such as anxiety, excessive shedding or a skin allergy, it’s more than likely due to your kittens’ diet. Providing the newest addition to your pack with the finest nutritionally valuable grain-free kitten dry food could help your kitten grow into a strong and energetic cat.

Our team of experienced nutritional experts have spent years researching, testing and developing cleanand tasty grain-free kitten food that we’re certain your pet is going to love.

Why you should choose gluten-free kitten food

The development of a range of ailments including joint pain, hotspots and weakened immunity can often be pinpointed back to a cat’s early nutrition. By making a switch to an all-natural product like our gluten-free kitten food, your pet will have the best chance of staying strong and healthy.

We have concentrated on developing elements of our grain-free kitten dry food to increase the prebiotics and probiotics in your kittens’ digestive system which, in turn, will increase the opportunity for your cat to develop natural defences against life’s biggest challenges.

What makes MfM’s grain-free kitten dry food different

With a rigorous testing process and an extensive development period, you can rest assured that your kitten is getting the correct dietary care from MfM’s specially crafted gluten-free kitten food. Not only will your kitten enjoy the delicious taste of our holistically crafted produce, but he or she will reap the benefits of the hypoallergenic properties that our team has weaved into its construction. Order from one of our online stockists today and give your kitten the best chance at a healthy life.


Should kitten food be grain-free?

While some kitten food contains grains and gluten, we prefer to steer clear of these. Cat illnesses and allergies are often linked to their digestive health, and a lack of proper nutritional balance in their diet could be putting your pet at risk. By making a switch to one of MfM’s grain-free kitten dry food products, you’re giving your kitten the correct nutrients it needs to thrive.

What’s in MfM Australia’s grain-free kitten food?

Our grain-free kitten food contains all-natural ingredients such as chicken, turkey, pumpkin, alfalfa, coconut oil and of course all the prebiotics essential for an energetic lifestyle and proper development.

Why should I choose MfM for Australian made grain-free kitten food online?

Has your kitten been off its regular cat food recently? Or perhaps you’ve noticed an increase in shedding or scratching? Whatever has got your cat out of sorts, a change in diet could be just what the vet ordered. Our gluten-free kitten food offers balanced nutrition together with sustainable ingredients which will serve to provide your kitten with the best dietary elements for complete health.

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