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Australian Made Natural Dog Treats

Your dog will do anything to get their paws on our mouth-watering dog treats. Give your pets the ultimate protein boost for training. Improve the level of good bacteria and nutrients in their diet with natural pet treats. They will definitely be coming back for more.



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    Naturally NUtrient Rich Dog Treats


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    Naturally NUtrient Rich Dog Treats

When we grab ourselves a treat, we often go for an indulgent unhealthy snack — even when we all know we should really be eating nutritionally healthy food. Here at MfM, when it comes to your dogs, their treats can be both delicious and nutritious. We have tailored our organic dog treats to not only satisfy your pet but also to complement their diet and lifestyle, ensuring that you’re treating your furry friend right in every sense of the word.

The best natural dog treats in Australia

We have designed our range of Australian made dog treats to have your pooch eating out of the palm of your hand — quite literally! Made by our expert nutritional food science team, who have more than 40 years of dedication to nutritional animal food production, we feel that we have created an excellent selection of treats to make you and your pet both really happy with our premium pet produce.

As with all our dog food and cat food products, our organic dog treats have been custom made with your animal’s best interests at heart. Our range of organic dog treats is designed to work as part of an already-balanced nutritional diet and is focused on improving your pet’s health overall in numerous ways, including:

  • Being high in essential vitamins and minerals
  • Fully hypoallergenic
  • Naturally dehydrated
  • Boosting your animal’s immune system
  • Helping maintain a healthy microflora level

All our delicious treats are made using only organically and sustainably sourced ingredients that contain no preservatives or additives. It’s this quality of production that makes our Australian made dog treats ideal for animals undergoing training and even for those poor pups suffering from allergies or illnesses.

Australian made dog treats your pets will love

We are so confident that our Australian made dog treats will enjoy these tasty morsels, that if your four-legged pal doesn’t love them you can take them back and exchange them for something else. So please don’t hesitate and order some delicious treats online for your favourite fluffy friend today, trust us when we say that they will be very grateful to you.