Meals for Mutts proudly brings you the very best premium, Australian made puppy, dog and cat food on the market.

Our passion and commitment to develop and produce nutrient dense and balanced pet food stems from our belief that nutrition is not only a vital part of your pet’s physical health but also plays a huge part in their overall wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

This wonderfully balanced holistic food is manufactured to exacting ethical standards of quality, performance, economy and safety using only the finest natural ingredients.
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Grain Free Puppy Food

The diet of your puppy is of utmost importance. Giving them the correct start in life means your pooch will grow into the finest pet it can be. Here at MfM Australia, we’re dedicated to producing the most holistic and nutrient-dense Australian-made gluten-free puppy dry food available on the market. Our selection of dry puppy food is grain-free and caters to all breeds of young dogs, ensuring your furry friend has a lively, happy and healthy start to life.

The benefits of using a grain-free puppy food

Much like humans, dogs need a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals in their diets. Though some grains added to traditional dog foods provide essential carbohydrates for your dog’s energy, you may find that it can have adverse effects such as obesity, lethargy and other allergic reactions.

If your puppy is suffering from any form of ailment, it may well be linked to their diet. A simple switch to one of MfM’s gluten-free puppy food products could be just what they need to get their health back on track. Take a look at our range of hypoallergenic, all-natural, Australian-made grain-free puppy food to help your dog’s immune system.


Should puppy food be grain-free?

Not all puppy food needs to be grain-free, but grain-based food might be doing more harm than good to your dog’s health. By choosing a gluten-free puppy food, you may notice improvements in your dog’s behaviour, overall health and wellbeing.

What’s in MfM Australia’s grain-free puppy food?

Our grain-free puppy food is packed with all the nutritious ingredients your dog needs for healthy and sustainable development. As always, the holistic ingredients used in our gluten-free puppy dry food and grain-free puppy food are sustainably sourced for the least amount of environmental impact.

Why should I choose MfM for Australian made grain-free puppy food online?

By choosing to purchase MfM’s grain-free puppy food online, you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in food that has been developed and approved by leading health experts.  Our team has over 40 years of combined experience working in nutritional pet food development and is dedicated to giving your puppy a strong start in life. When you buy from one of our online stockists, you can also have the food directly delivered to your door, so you have more time to chase your pup around the park!

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