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What Vitamins Are Good For Cats?

Date: 03-04-2023

What Vitamins Are Good For Cats?

Vitamin deficiencies are quite common for humans, causing a lot of us to make a habit of taking vitamin supplements every day. But vitamins for cats are not something we often talk about. Cats are naturally carnivorous creatures that require a high animal-protein-based diet for their growth and development. As a result, they simply cannot survive on a plant-based diet since their bodies are not built to process other types of protein. 

Since their cells don’t produce nutrients like vitamins and proteins, a well-balanced, protein-rich diet is essential for your cat. The absence of sufficient nourishment results in vitamin deficiencies and other health issues for your favourite feline.

This blog will discuss what vitamins are good for cats and when cat owners should buy cat supplements for their pets. 

When to use cat supplements

Before we delve deeper into what vitamins are good for cats, we should first understand when vitamins for cats are required. If you’re feeding your feline a well-balanced diet, they’re more likely to receive all the necessary nutrients. As such, you should not give your pet supplements without consulting your vet first. That way, you can ensure you’re not feeding your pet too high a dosage of vitamins. 

There are special conditions when pet supplements are beneficial for cats. For instance, if your cat is not eating well, your vet may recommend a calorie supplement rich in vitamins to offer them nutritional support. 

A reputable vitamin for cats will have completed quality checks and commissioned clinical studies to back their product. If your cat is limping, appears to have a leg injury, swollen cat paws, arthritis or joint pain, or other areas of concern, consult your veterinarian for a cat joint supplement to help prevent pain and build healthy, soft tissues or repair cartilage. 

Whether your cat needs a joint or a nutritional supplement, it’s best to consult first with your veterinarian.

The best vitamins for a cat’s immune system

If you’re unsure what vitamins are good for cats, we’ve done the hard work for you! Here is a list of the essential vitamins for cats:

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Now that you recognise the best vitamins for a cat’s immune system and overall health and well-being, MfM is here to help with your pet supplement essentials that help improve your cat’s intestinal health, gut microbiome and promote the health of joints, skin and coat. We advise you to check in with your vet for further advice before purchasing pet supplements. 

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