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Bringing Home A New Puppy: Everything You Need To Know

Date: 02-09-2022

While childhood friends can come and go, the love of a little doggo is eternal. Preparing for a puppy in Australia isn’t always the simplest thing. It’s all too easy to lavish them with an overload of treats and a playpen of toys and allow them to get away with little mischievous acts, but that isn’t in their best interest. Before bringing a puppy home, it’s essential to plan how you’ll manage their food, your lifestyle and home to promote a healthy routine and ensure a smooth transition for your puppy’s first night home

Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or looking for some helpful tips, we’ve created a checklist for bringing a puppy home to cover anything from how to puppy proof your home, toilet training, and stress-relieving toys to socialising and balanced diets. So if you’re ready to become a proud pet parent that doesn’t get dirty looks at the dog park, read on!

Make first impressions count

Much like a baby, puppies are curious spirits who need a safe and stimulating environment to allow them to thrive. Our four-legged friends aren’t like goldfish — they need constant training and reinforcement. Bringing home a new puppy is a wonderful feeling, but for them, a new environment can provoke anxiety before they get accustomed to their new household. 

When you first open and close the door, allow your furry friend to collect themselves. They may stay put or let curiosity get the best of them and start exploring their new digs. Observe them, but allow them to roam freely, sniffing and getting acquainted with your scent to help them get used to their new territory. You may even want to leave worn jumpers and clothing out for them to sniff and inspect.

Create a calming space for sleep

Soon after bringing a puppy home, they will naturally want to nap at some point. Lead them to their sleeping station; this can be in your bedroom or to keep your bed a sanctuary reserved just for you and your partner — consider a common room with timber or tiled floors to make cleaning up the inevitable accident a breeze.

Comfort them with a cushioned bed, water bowl nearby, doggy blanket and a stuffed toy or two. Double check the area to confirm there isn’t anything they can access that could harm them or something you want untouched from drool and teething marks.

How to puppy proof your home for accident-free floors

While they may be too young to reliably use them, laying down a toilet training pad will get them accustomed to it. Introduce an area where they can relieve themselves without fear of reprimand if they don’t have continual access to outdoor spaces. 

A reward system is the best method when you’re ready to start toilet training them. Using positive reinforcement, you can make a strong association when they perform a positive behaviour, like toileting in the appropriate place. It’s only natural for doggos to test their boundaries and relieve themselves in a different area, so you may need to restart a reward system periodically to commit it to memory. 

Stimulate their senses with toys

Little goofs at heart, puppies and dogs of all ages need toys to help manage their stress and provide quality entertainment. With all kinds of dog toys available for solo and group play with the family, they’re a tremendous tool to expend energy, build independence, relieve stress, use as a learning and reward tool and, of course, a bribe for extra cuddles.

Choose a range of toys that can be used outside in the sun or inside on brisk, rainy days. While a little annoying, squeaky toys are a popular tool that stimulates their natural instincts. You might need to consider timing their use of these toys to be mindful of neighbours and others in the household and to ensure they don’t over-excite your fur-baby.

Nourish their body and soul with quality food

After bringing home your new puppy, you’re sure to want to spoil them with a home-cooked meal. While incredibly loving and thoughtful, it may not be their healthiest option. Serving your puppy quality, commercially made food is often best as they have been strictly prepared to provide energy and portion-controlled meals tailored to their needs while balancing essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

If you’re looking for the best way to prepare for a puppy in Australia, consider buying nutrient-rich puppy food and dog treats from MfM Australia. Specially formulated by a team of food scientists, you can feed your fur baby delectable, locally made meals with ingredients sourced from Australian farms so you can reliably support their energy levels and immunity. Does your doggo have a sensitive tummy? Puppy food from MfM Australia is hypoallergenic, so you can feed them without causing upset stomachs.

The importance of training and socialising your dog

Socialising your dog to healthily and safely connect with other dogs and people is incredibly important to discourage poor behaviour. It also allows you to connect with them on a different level and promotes them to establish some independence. Socialising your puppy young to ensure they don’t become overly reliant on you for companionship allows them to share the joys of dog life with other furry friends and keep them calm and stress-free while you’re at work.

Sustain your puppy with delicious, health-giving food from MfM Australia

Congratulations on your new furry family member! Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time, but it can also be a lot of work. Puppy-proofing your home, establishing rules and training your pup early on will make life with your new best friend much more rewarding. At MfM Australia, we’re dedicated to serving dogs, big and small, a healthy, balanced and nutrient-enriching diet. Reciprocate their love by investing in their health, wellness and lifestyle.