Meals for Mutts proudly brings you the very best premium, Australian made puppy, dog and cat food on the market.

Our passion and commitment to develop and produce nutrient dense and balanced pet food stems from our belief that nutrition is not only a vital part of your pet’s physical health but also plays a huge part in their overall wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

This wonderfully balanced holistic food is manufactured to exacting ethical standards of quality, performance, economy and safety using only the finest natural ingredients.
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Grain Free Dog Food Australia

As a dog owner, the most important decision you are likely to make for your dog is getting him the right nutrition. The dog food industry is massive, and there are definitely some foods out there that promise to give dogs the nutrients that they need, or even claim to be “premium dog food”, but unfortunately, this is rarely the case for your run-of-the-mill store-bought dog foods.

The Best Grain Free Dog Food Available in Asutralia

Many of these foods contain high levels of fillers, which are used to make the food bulkier, whilst adding little to no nutritional value to the food. These fillers are often made up of animal derivatives, by-products or grains such as wheat, corn and soy.

These low-quality ingredients often have an adverse effect on our furry friends, and many dogs don’t get their basic nutritional requirements from these cheap brands.

One of the biggest problems with foods that use grains as a filler is that many pets display an allergic reaction to them. This is because a dog is primarily a carnivore, and was designed to eat meat; their bodies struggle to break down and digest grains.

Why Choose MfM Grain Free Dog Food?

An allergic reaction to grain can manifest itself in a number of ways and these are the most common:

  • Skin problems: Dogs that have grain allergies are likely to display it through skin problems such as dry, itchy skin, red lumps, welts, over grooming and hotspots
  • Common ear infections
  • Low immune system and frequent visits to the vet
  • Diarrhoea and other digestive issues
  • Dull coat
  • Low energy

If your dog displays any of these symptoms, you should get them to the vet and discuss moving him/her onto grain free dog food.

The Benefits of the Best Grain Free Puppy & Dog Food

While some dogs are completely fine on their food, others really do react badly to food sensitivities, and once you have moved your pet to grain free dog food, you will be able to notice the following changes:

  • They will be fuller for longer: Due to the high protein content found in the best grain-free dog food, you will notice that your dog doesn’t get as hungry. Compare it to eating something like a fast food burger over a high-grade steak – the fast food tastes okay at the time but you’ll want to eat again soon after you’ve finished. The same goes for cheap dog food.
  • More energy: Lethargy is one of the main systems of poor nutrition, and your pet will have low energy when their nutritional needs aren’t being met. Once you move over to high-quality, grain free dog food you will see the difference in your dog’s energy levels.
  • Better coat condition: The coat is one of the first things to suffer if your dog isn’t getting the nutrients that it needs; their coats often become dull and dirty. With the right food, however, you will notice your dog’s coat becoming healthy and shiny.
  • No more skin problems: If your dog has a problem with grains, then it’s likely to have suffered some sort of skin ailment like bald patches, itchy skin, dry skin, rashes or over grooming. By putting them onto high-quality grain free dog food you will clear up their skin issues and they will feel much more comfortable.
  • Stronger immune system: A grain allergy could compromise your dog’s immune system and you may find yourself regularly visiting the vet for things like ear infections. However, our food is formulated to boost your dog’s immune system and assist them in maintaining great overall health.
  • Improved digestion: If your dog is suffering with constipation or an upset stomach, high-quality grain-free food will sort out their digestive issues and you should notice your dog having better, regular bowel movements.

We Provide the Best Grain Free Dog Food Australia Has to Offer

At MfM, we make a range of top quality grain free puppy food and grain-free dog food that is the perfect premium food for your pup. We set incredibly high standards when making our holistic, organic and grain-free dog food:

Animal Protein

We know that your dog is made for eating meat, and we put a large portion of animal protein into our dog food. The first ingredient on our packet will always be fish or meat and we believe that a 30% protein base is the minimum for optimal dog health.


Our ingredients are all natural, and we add essential vitamins and minerals.

Balanced & Complete

Our formulas provide a complete, balanced diet for dogs of all sizes and years.

Naturally Preserved

We preserve our holistic food using natural chemicals and methods like vitamin E, tocopherols and rosemary extract.

Exceptional Tastiness

Our food is absolutely delicious to dogs.

Hypoallergenic Formulations

We know all about pet allergies and we ensure that our products don’t contain harmful grains such as corn, dairy and soy. We also only use chicken and beef in the all-natural beef treat and grain-free puppy food – we use low allergy foods such as kangaroo, turkey and fish as the main protein base.

Healthy Coat

All of our holistic dog foods contain fish oils and Omega 3,6 & 9 fatty acids for healthy skin, a shiny coat and proper digestive function.

Easy to Digest

The grain-free dog foods have been designed to help your pet with their digestion and will help them with their regularity.

Superior Absorption

Our natural dog foods are easily absorbed and allow your pets to get the most nutrients out of their meals.

Better Odours

Yucca Shidigera is a natural plant extract that we use at MfM to reduce your dog’s smelly flatulence and stool smells.

Promotes a Healthy Immune System

With a special blend of probiotics and essential vitamins, MfM dog food helps to boost your dog’s immune system.

Joint Condition

Skeletal strength, mobility and joint health are all improved with the essential oils and nutrients found in our dog food.

Gluten Free

There is no gluten in MfM products.

Grain Free

Our salmon and sardine, duck and turkey and turkey with chickpeas dog foods are completely grain-free.

Please get in touch with us today for more info on what our customers will agree is the best grain free dog food in Australia.

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We are camping and travelling with 23 dogs ranging in age from 6 months to 13 years old. Each and every one is loving their MfMs and not just thriving but succeeding beyond our expectations. 
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MfM has your puppy covered with wholesome grain and gluten free varieties.
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  • Open letter to all MfM stores and consumers.

Dear loyal stores, consumers and MfM fans,

We are writing this post to acknowledge we have had some exciting changes here at MfM as we have rebranded and improved formulations. This process has unfortunately been disruptive to our usual ongoing supply over the last six weeks and we wish to send our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and a huge thank you to all of you for your patience. 
The delay has come with some manufacturing issues that have been out of our control, but as a team we have pulled together along with our amazing national distributor, Central Pet, to deliver what food they have received out to stores.

Over this duration there has been some discussion within our industry that there are possibly brands out there trying to pass themselves off as similar to or the same as MfM, however please know that this is not true or the case. 
We want to share a snippet of the MfM story... MfM was initially developed back in 2012 with the primary intention to produce the highest quality, all natural pet food range in Australia.

Over time we have pushed the industry to step up and improve by creating what we believe and are told by our many supporters is the best hypoallergenic grain & gluten free holistic diet. 
We are proud to say healthy and happy dogs & cats everywhere agree MfM is one of the most popular, flavoursome and wholesome foods on the Australian market. 
If you want more info head over to

PS: as of this week our supplies will be back to normal, thank you for your patience and constant support.


Marcello and Team MfM
  • MfM is the industry leader in super premium, hypoallergenic, all natural grain & gluten free holistic diets. 
Make the switch today. 
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