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Guide To Choosing The Best Kitten Food

Date: 10-05-2022

Whether you already have a lively kitten zooming around the home or are doing your homework ahead of time, nutrition is a hot topic of research. As their human parent, you are solely in charge of what your pet eats, so it’s only natural that you want to invest in the very best kitten food to help your fur baby grow and develop into a strong and healthy adult cat.

If you want answers, tips and recommendations, read on. Starting with how crucial it is that you choose the best kitten food, and why, we then run through the different types available on the market and share our top considerations to keep in mind when making your selection. You’ll find all the information you are after in this guide to the best kitten food. So, let’s get started.

Why it’s important to feed your kitten good quality food

You might be surprised to know that kittens reach adulthood within one year of being born. What you feed them in those first 12 months is key to their well-balanced growth and development. Kittens and cats are obligated carnivores, meaning they cannot survive without eating meat in some form.

The recommended calorie intake for a kitten consists of at least 30% animal-based protein. Rich in vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids, protein provides them with all the key micronutrients they need to fuel their bodies, develop their nervous system, grow a full, healthy coat, and strengthen their immune defence. So, when choosing the best kitten food to buy, make sure that protein is the main ingredient.

The different types of kitten food

Now that you know why it’s so essential to feed your fur baby the best kitten food in Australia, let’s look at the different options available:

3 things to consider before choosing kitten food

Unless you decide to go down the homemade route, you’ll be shopping for your kitten’s food online or in-store. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of choosing the best kitten food available in Australia, give some thought to these 3 points to help guide your decision:

Hot tip — the breed doesn’t matter!

If you already own a dog, or if you know that there are a variety of different nutrition options to consider depending on their breed, you might think it’s the same for cats. That’s not the case — all kitten food is suitable for any cat breed. That is mainly because, unlike dogs, cats of different breeds have a small variation in body size and shape.

What to look out for when choosing kitten food?

While we could make this list very long and complex, there are ultimately 3 main considerations to remember when setting off to shop for the best kitten food in Australia:

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