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A Complete Guide To How Much & How Often To Feed Your Cat

Date: 25-03-2022

Do you melt when your cat looks at you a certain way or purs in your lap? Do you automatically reach for their food bowl to give them what they want without necessarily thinking of the implications? If so, you may be doing your feline friend more harm than good in the long run — and if you want them to live as long as possible without issues, then you should set some rules instead. If you want to know how much and how often to feed your cat, we’ve put together this handy guide just for you!

Setting up a diet plan

You may think that your cat looks “better” if they are carrying a bit of weight, but it’s definitely not healthy for them. Before you know it, that extra weight could cause some serious problems like arthritis, diabetes (yes, your cat can get this too), or other common illnesses. Although you may find it difficult to resist their call, set up a dietary plan and stick to it. But before you google “how much should I feed my cat,” you need to look at several contributory factors.

What to consider when deciding how much food to feed your cat

Why is it important to feed cats the right amount?

Have you heard the phrase, “you are what you eat?” You should apply the same philosophy to your cat. Feed them not only the very best food but also the correct amount of food. When you do this, you’ll give them a balanced diet so that they can receive the proper nutrients. Remember, cats are carnivores, so they must have a diet that contains meat-based nutrients.

Also, it’s up to you to control their intake to avoid serious problems such as diabetes. This illness can be prevalent in overweight older cats, and it can be a particularly tough problem to deal with if not diagnosed and treated quickly.

How can the best cat food help?

When you feed your cat a thoroughly balanced and nutrient-dense diet, they’ll be happy, content, energetic and vibrant. A proper diet will help take care of their coat so that it looks shiny and full, and it will keep their claws in good condition.

Your cat food should contain ingredients that have been carefully selected for their nourishing and healing qualities, and they should be completely free of harmful additives, flavourings, preservatives or GMOs. You should always look at the ingredients list carefully to get a full breakdown of their nutritional value.

How often should you feed a cat?

Learning how much food to feed a cat

When working out how much food to feed a cat, a calculator can be handy. YBefore you decide how much cat food per day, make your calculations based on the cat’s current weight. The chart shows the recommended daily calorie intake based on the amount of dry or wet food included in each meal.

We recommend giving them MfM Australia’s hypoallergenic dry cat food, which is specially formulated to give your pet a complete range of balanced essential nutrients. We’ve designed our cat food to cater to every cat regardless of breed or age. We suggest that you feed them twice per day, at around 7 a.m. for breakfast and 6 p.m. for dinner.

How to choose the best food

Only the best is good enough for your cat if you want them to live a long and happy life. Always choose dry cat food that has been carefully designed to deliver superior nutrition.

MfM Australia’s dry cat food is hypoallergenic — which is crucial if your furry friend tends to suffer from allergies. We also offer grain-free and gluten-free options for you to consider.

All of our food is proudly made in Australia with raw ingredients from Australian farmers and packaging from domestic manufacturers. We have an in-house nutrition and food science team with 40 years of experience, and we back all of our products with rigorous testing. Furthermore, we ensure that we operate sustainably and always adhere to fair trade practises.

To give them the proper nutrition levels, you should put your cat on an all-natural, premium holistic diet.

When only the best is good enough

At MfM Australia, we’re confident that our pet nutrition products are superior in every way. So, if you’re asking, “how much should I feed my cat in Australia,” we have a helpful list of stockists who can help advise you. You can also find out more about our cat food and kitten food products when you browse our website.