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Important Things To Consider When Feeding A Senior Dog

Date: 11-07-2023

Senior dog food

Just as puppies require different food than adult dogs, senior dogs also have other nutritional requirements. If you’re wondering, “When should I change my dog to senior food?” you’ve come to the right place. 

This helpful blog will discuss how senior dog food differs from puppy and adult dog food, when to feed senior dog food, what to look for in senior dog food, and what food is best for a senior dog. Whether your pooch is only just beginning to enter his golden years or you’re starting to notice grey hair, this blog will tell you all there is to know about senior dog food

When should I start feeding my dog senior food?

You might be asking yourself, what is the difference between senior dog food and regular dog food? When shopping for our canine companions, you may have noticed each dog food is catered to different age groups to ensure they receive their required nutritional intake. 

Every dog will enter their senior age at a slightly different stage, but on average, this will be age seven. As a general rule of thumb, if your dog is a larger dog breed, they tend to move into their senior phase a little sooner, while smaller dog breeds will reach their senior age a little later in life. 

As your dog nears this age, we strongly recommend taking them for a general check-up at the local vet for some professional advice on their life stage. This will help you know whether or not they’re ready to transition into senior dog food

What to look for in senior dog food

At MfM, we understand that all pet owners want to ensure their pet is eating the most nutritionally balanced food to maintain their health and well-being, especially as they age. 

As your dog ages, the glucose metabolism in its brain will begin to change, affecting its memory functions, attention and trainability. They may have difficulties following their normal sleep patterns; experience increased urination and impaired mobility. That’s why MfM is specifically formulated with key nutritional requirements to give your dog the support they need. Factors you should consider include:

Why MfM has the healthiest dog food for senior dogs

We’ve made it easy for you if you’re shopping for dog food for your senior pup. Rest assured that MfM’s Australian-made, super premium dog food is perfect for all breeds and sizes! Our dry dog food is gentle to accommodate allergies, digestion, shedding, hotspots, joint inflammation, anxiety, scratching/biting, immunity, under or overweight, ear infections and body odour. 

Since pet allergies are caused by the immune system’s suppression, caused by improper dog nutrition, MfM prides itself on its perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics to ensure your dog’s health, energy, mind and digestion are supported for its optimal function. 

Buy the best dog food for senior dogs from MfM today

MfM’s in-house nutrition and food science team have 40 years of combined experience with animal nutrition. We’re proud to source raw ingredients from Australian farmers and manufacturers, so you can rest easy knowing your dog will be eating the best food that’s highly beneficial and backed by rigorous testing. Explore our selection of dog food, natural dog treats and supplements today. If you have any questions, contact our team — they will be more than happy to assist.