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Wet Vs. Dry Cat Food — A Complete Guide

Date: 11-07-2023

How long is wet cat food good for

Whether you’re welcoming a new kitten to your home or transitioning them onto cat food, many cat owners face a common dilemma: whether to buy wet or dry cat food. You no longer need to ask yourself, “is wet food or dry food better for cats?” This blog will explore the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision for your furry feline friend. 

Wet vs. dry cat food 

If you’re asking yourself, “should I feed my cat wet or dry food?” rest assured that no matter which you choose, both are rich in benefits to give your cat the support they need to grow and lead happy, healthy lives. Let’s get started with the benefits of dry cat food

Benefits of dry cat food

If you’re a busy cat owner rushing to feed your little one before work or concerned about arriving home on time, dry cat food is the way to go. You can plan ahead and leave your cat’s daily food intake in one serving in the morning without worrying about rushing home. 

Also, if your cat prefers to eat on their schedule, dry cat food can be left in their food bowl all day for them to nibble on as they please. In contrast, you must remove wet cat food from the bowl within 20-30 minutes, making it super inconvenient for pet owners on the go. 

The shape and texture of dry cat food help reduce plaque and tartar build-up and can freshen your cat’s breath while eating. 

Unlike wet cat food, dry cat food can be stored for much longer and bought in bulk. If you own more than one cat, dry cat food can be a far cheaper option for the long haul. 

Benefits of wet cat food 

Is your cat a fussy eater? If so, wet cat food has a far stronger aroma and will likely perk their appetite. With a variety of wet cat food with different textures to choose from, you’re bound to find something to appeal to your furry feline’s needs. By mixing wet and dry cat food, you can also encourage your cat to reap the benefits of dry food too. If you’re wondering how long wet cat food is good for, be mindful that wet food can’t be left out for longer than 20-30 minutes. 

Not all cats enjoy drinking water as much as others. Wet cat food’s high moisture content will ensure they maintain their water intake. Avoid urinary tract issues, causing health concerns for your pet and unwanted hefty vet bills. 

Wet cat food contains less energy than dry cat food to help maintain a healthy weight. If your cat is more inactive and overweight, wet cat food will help them reach a healthier weight. 

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