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Bringing Home A New Kitten: Everything You Need To Prepare

Date: 11-10-2022

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing home a furry feline as your newest addition to the family. Whether introducing a new kitten to your home that was a stray or adopted from a local shelter, adjusting to a new space can be overwhelming for your new little bundle of joy.

Each kitten has their own personality — some cats might be more reserved than others and take time to warm up, while others are more well-adjusted and friendly. The latter is common for kittens that have spent time with a veterinarian or shelter, where friendly staff help them adjust to a new environment and interact with other playful pets until welcomed into a new loving home — that’s where you come in!

We’ve taken the time to put together this helpful guide to ease their transition when bringing a new kitten home.

Before bringing your new kitten home

Just like you would baby-proof your home, introducing a new kitten into your home requires some time and preparation. We suggest purchasing all your essential items and setting them up before the arrival of your new kitten. Let’s talk you through your shopping list!

Checklist: what you need for a kitten

Here’s your checklist of what you need for a kitten:

Your first vet appointment

During your first vet appointment, you can have your pet microchipped as a permanent form of identification and ensure they receive their vaccinations. Your vet will notify you of your kitten’s upcoming treatments.

Your kitten’s first day at home

Day one with your new kitten is exciting, but you don’t want to overwhelm the little one! Allow them to explore the kitten enclosure you’ve set up to better acclimate to the space. If you’re concerned about bringing your kitten home to a dog or another pet, allow them to sniff your kitten from a distance and monitor them to ensure its safety. Speak to your kitten in a kind voice, so they grow more comfortable with you and scratch them behind their ears as they warm up to you.

After a few days

Once your kitten has warmed up to its environment after a few days or so, open the enclosure’s zipper and allow your pet to explore its new environment. Use toys and treats to make it a game! Opening its pet carrier nearby will be a safe space for your kitten should they feel nervous.

Monitor your kitty litter for loose stools. Should this occur, pack a sample in a poop bag and book a vet appointment to have your vet inspect the matter and ensure your kitty is in good health.

After a month

After a month, your kitten should use their litter box and eat and drink as per their routine. An active and playful kitten is a healthy kitten. If your kitten misbehaves by scratching, chewing furniture or biting, nip these patterns in the bud pronto by directing your kitten to the cat scratcher or using no-scratch cat spray.

If you have more than one pet and your pets still haven’t warmed up to each other, don’t panic; this process can take time. Play with two cats together to encourage bonding. If either cat becomes aggressive during playtime, separate them temporarily.

How do I ensure my kitten is well socialised?

A kitten’s prime age for socialisation is two to twelve weeks, the period where they would typically still be with their mother and siblings. During this time, encourage your kitten to interact with guests to become more socially acclimated. Ensure you supervise your kitten with small children and show the children the correct way to carry a kitten.

MfM has what you need for your kitten’s checklist

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